Social Culinaire Provides a Network Where Foodies Unite, Founded by Los Angeles Chef
Jeffrey Nimer

Calling all foodies! Social Culinaire is an outlet for sharing and recommending culinary
creations. Founded in 2009 by Haute Chefs LA Executive Chef Jeffrey Nimer, Social Culinaire
explores all aspects of food and wine culture, with members ranging from novice chefs to
industry professionals.

From herb roasted pumpkin to devil dogs, all culinary creations are celebrated on the Social
Culinaire networking website. As a place where gourmands, sommeliers, and connoisseurs
can chat and share recipes, photos, and links, Social Culinaire is a networking site catering to
food lovers. Founder Los Angeles Chef Jeffrey Nimer welcomes all foodies, from tenderfoots to
industry professionals, to partake in the fun of searching, discussing, and sharing all things that
can be consumed.

Nimer founded Social Culinaire in 2009 because he wanted to create a social networking site
where food lovers could unite. As a celebrity chef with A-list clientele, Nimer has an extensive
background and over 15 years of experience as a personal chef, caterer, restaurant consultant,
and cooking teacher. His business, Haute Chefs LA, offers a number of culinary services across
Los Angeles, from event production to personal chef catering.

Social Culinaire hosts more than 800 members who share a passion for cooking, food, and
wine. Pictures of caprese salad, carved fruits, and puffed fried bread with mutton gravy are
among the dishes featured on the front page of Social Culinaire. Nimer has posted hundreds of
photos of his own recipes, and members add their own photos daily. A Twitter tracker follows
California wine tweets with by-the-minute updates, and blog posts allow members to post jobs,
share a recipe, recommend a wine, or discuss events.

“Socially, you can network through others and discuss anything and everything food-wise,” said
Nimer. “If you like wine and got a bottle of Opus 197, you take a pic and post it. You can update
what are you eating and drinking right now, like a status update.”

Nimer has posted videos of his own experiences with food on Social Culinaire, from the
shopping and cooking process to tasting the completed dish. The goal is to share his own
experiences and teach others how to prepare the best dish, he said. Nimer recommends buying
the freshest produce possible at the peak of ripeness, preferably from farmers markets. For
meats, Nimer said the best way to ensure the highest quality is to have a relationship with a
local butcher to learn about the best cuts of meat, and to always choose organic.

“Cooking is all about technique, so you have to have the right technique and foundation,” said
Nimer. “If you try to cut corners, it’s not going to work, so I’m a stickler for doing things right and
showing people the right way. Before you can go forward you have to know your path.”

Culinary industry fans are invited to join Social Culinarian for free to discuss all things food-
related at


About Chef Jeffrey Nimer

Chef Jeffrey Nimer founded Haute Chefs LA 2005, a premier Los Angeles based catering
company in high demand for Hollywood’s elite. Chef Nimer champions bold, modern and
exquisite culinary arts combined with the best service to offer a scrumptious menu for any
occasion. With his classic French training and collaboration with many talented and renowned
chefs, Chef Nimer has received numerous awards and recognition as a world class facilitator
of diverse, inspired services. Haute Chefs offers personal chef services, catering, restaurant
consulting and cooking classes and is pleased to accommodate exacting requests to create a
breathtaking culinary affair. Visit for more information.

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