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The Creation of the Haute Chef

It’s one thing to run a restaurant. It’s another to be a personal chef, caterer, restaurant consultant and cooking teacher. But all this is nothing to Jeffrey Nimer, the founder of

HauteChefsLA focuses on creating a group of great chefs and supplying comprehensive and impeccable service to culinary clients.  The service is a one-stop shop for all your culinary needs designed for homes or businesses. “People’s needs are constantly changing,” says Nimer. “Location, time preferences can be changed up until preparation time, but HauteChefsLA is designed to meet those needs.”

As a Los Angeles chef, Nimer has plenty of experience with celebrity clients like Nicole Richie and David Geffen, and points out the importance of being able to gel with someone and understand their likes and dislikes. “Whether someone likes their toast slightly burnt or not is our responsibility to know, ” says Nimer. The attention to detail can make the duties of a personal chef difficult, but Nimer relishes in the opportunity to keep his work evolving and improving.

Restaurant work often becomes mundane and repetitive. However, with personal service, Nimer is able to explore, excite and cater to his clients. “It’s not just about the food,” says Nimer. “It’s also about how the food and service come together to make for a wonderful culinary experience time after time.”

LA Direct Article by Molly Sullivan

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